How do I find my Archimedes Lever?

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What is Archimedes Lever?

Archimedes Lever is an interesting conundrum in physics describing an extrapolation - displacement of our world from its axis\position by a system of ropes and pulleys connected to a large enough lever. Evidently, to do this a principle portion of the lever would have to be suspended beyond our world's gravitational pull without a counteracting force that can be applied for displacement from its axis\position. This conundrum was phrased by the greek mathematician and inventor of the 2nd century Archimedes. 

How does the Archimedes Lever principle apply to me? 

The analogy is that the system of pulleys and levers are my peers, friends and loved ones, that help me expand my perception of reality residing "outside" the limitations of my ego and my individual 5 senses.

So, what is my Archimedes Lever? 

Your Archimedes Lever is your circle of friends working together towards a real connection helping you expand your perception of your reality and your life while you help them expand their own perceptions.  

Finally, ask yourself the following questions;

1. Was there ever a time when you wished you could be part of something greater than yourself without losing your unique perspective? 

2. Was there ever a time where you felt cared for and safe from judgement and at the same time in constant craving for learning and growth?

If the answer is 'yes' to both these questions - your Archimedes Lever is ready.